Visiting Legislators: “We have government by the majority who participate”

websitetoolkitimageCatholic advocates in Pennsylvania have been growing in number and becoming agents for change in laws that respect life, support Catholic education, uphold religious liberty and more.

As Catholics we have a moral obligation to get involved with the public debate. When we fulfill this civic duty together, we can make the “the weight of (our) convictions so influential that, as a result, the exercise of civil authority will be just and laws will accord with the moral precepts and the common good” (Decree on the Apostolate of Lay People, 14).

Also, it’s important for legislators to learn about the Catholic presence in their communities and how it benefits all of their constituents, regardless of creed.

So, if you too are convinced that civic engagement is important- even an obligation – how do we go about contacting our legislators?  The most simple and easy way is to send a message through the Pennsylvania Catholic Advocacy Network.  This network is especially useful if a bill is moving through the legislature and you need to get in touch right away.

Sometimes, though, issues are so important that they warrant an in-person visit. Studies show that in-person visits from constituents have the most impact on legislators and their staff – more than emails, phone calls and letters.

To help you navigate the in-person visit, we’ve produced this Advocacy Toolkit which walks you through setting up, attending and following up on an in-person visit with your legislator.  Give it a read and set up your visit today.

And if you still aren’t convinced you should make a visit, remember the words of Thomas Jefferson, “We in America do not have a government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.”

Read the Advocacy Toolkit today!