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Parish Resources

This website  is a repository of the articles, newsletters and news alerts regularly published by the PCC. Visitors are able to read statements from the Bishops, download resources for Church bulletins, and with a few clicks of the mouse, send a message to their state legislators or Congressmen.

Through the Pennsylvania Catholic Advocacy Network, an online community of people interested in learning more about Catholic issues and speaking up when grassroots support is needed, people sign up to receive action alerts when legislation is moving and periodic newsletters to stay up-to-date with issues in Harrisburg. This tool for electronic evangelization, along with the regularly updated PCC facebook and twitter pages,  has the potential to increase the reach and efficiency of our advocacy on behalf of the disadvantaged and vulnerable, and change the hearts and minds of many.

PCC has also developed a tool kit to encourage in person visits with legislators. Read the Advocacy Toolkit about legislative visits.

Further, the PCC provides this overview of guidelines for participation in political activities by Catholic entities.

The PCC developed a “tool kit” for parishes to help inform parishioners about this great resource. Parishes have permission to download, print and distribute bulletin inserts. To copy and reprint bulletin announcements, or download and insert bulletin fillers and ads.

Parishes are also encouraged to post a link to on their own websites.

Tool Kit Materials

Bulletin Inserts
Bulletin Announcement
  • State and national policy can have a big impact on religious liberty, respect for life, Catholic education, and the social programs that we all care about. It’s important to make your voice heard and work together towards the common good. Learn more and sign up for the Catholic Advocacy Network online at
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Many of the materials on this page are in a .pdf format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print.