School Choice News

As the debate about school choice unfolds, the news media will report all aspects of it. Most newspapers, television & radio stations, and other news outlets allow readers to comment on the published stories and other readers’ comments. The Pennsylvania Catholic Conference (PCC) aims to be an authoritative resource on the Catholic perspective on school choice. Check the Current Issues/School Choice web page often for updates. Join the Advocates for Catholic Education in PA network to get action alerts and news delivered by e-mail.

Advocates are encouraged to participate in a civil discourse about school choice. Consider commenting on any of these stories (respectfully and tastefully, of course) or send an op-ed or letter to the editor. PCC’s list of media outlets has links to newspapers statewide.

See links below for print news, television clips, radio clips, and Internet news.

6/20/11 – Vouchers: They’re Baaaaaack!  THE NATION

6/11/11 – Group Puts on Pressure for School Vouchers in Pennsylvania  HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

6/7/11 – Tuition-Voucher Fight Has Fire Lit Under It  PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

6/7/11 – School Voucher Advocates Make Case at Local Charter School  YORK DAILY RECORD

6/5/11 – OPINION: A Toxic Mess: We Don’t Need Washington Mudslinging Here in Pennsylvania  HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

6/5/11 – OPINION: Not the Way to Get Votes  PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW

6/3/11 – Privacy of State Tax Credits Guarded  PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW

6/2/11 – OPINION: Pa. Education: A State of Emergency  THE POTTSTOWN MERCURY

6/2/11 – Advocate Sees Opportunity in Pa. for Education Reform via School Vouchers  PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

6/14/11 – OPINION: Pennsylvania’s School Voucher Legislation Isn’t About Low-Income Students  HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

6/1/11 – New Group Made of Democrats Joins School Choice Movement  THE AMERICAN INDEPENDENT

5/23/11 – OPINION: Complete Package  SCRANTON TIMES-TRIBUNE

5/23/11 – Schools of Hard Knocks: Legislation Aims to Expand School Choice for Low-, Middle-Income Families  DELAWARE COUNTY TIMES

5/23/11 – Debate Rages Over Formula for Funding ‘Choice’  DELAWARE COUNTY TIMES

5/23/11 – Pennsylvania: Voucher Ground Zero  PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS

5/22/11 – Administrators Offer Opinions on Education Bill  SOMERSET DAILY AMERICAN

5/22/11 – Gov. Corbett: Poor Need Education Escape Route  HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

5/22/11 – OPINION: Voucher Plan a Bad Fit for Pa. Public Education   THE JEWISH CHRONICLE

5/15/11 – OPINION: Coulson: Tax Credits, Not Vouchers  PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

5/15/11 – Road Gets Rougher for School Vouchers  HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

5/14/11 – School Choice Push Hits Delay  SCRANTON TIMES-TRIBUNE

5/13/11 – OPINION: In Support of Pa. School Voucher Proposal  YORK DAILY RECORD

5/13/11 – Lt. Gov. Cawley Optimistic on School Vouchers SCRANTON TIMES-TRIBUNE

5/12/11 – School District Oppose Senate Bill 1  RIDGWAY RECORD

5/12/11 – Wisconsin and Pennsylvania Lawmakers Can’t Agree on Statewide School Voucher Expansion WASHINGTON INDEPENDENT

5/11/11 – Scholarship Tax Credit Bill Clears House, Lacks Senate Support PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE

5/8/11 – OPINION: Voucher Proposal is Wrong Step for Pa  Education HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

5/8/11 – OPINION: The Case for School Vouchers: Equal Opportunity HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

5/8/11 – OPINION: Vouchers: Bill Can Be Part of Education Solution But Must Focus Only on Failing Schools HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

5/5/11 – OPINION: Good Reasons for Jews to Support School Vouchers  JEWISH CHRONICLE

5/5/11 – OPINION: EITC Spells Success: But Goal of the Program Must Be Maintained HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

5/4/11 – GOP House Backs Expanding School Tax Credit ALLENTOWN MORNING CALL

5/4/11 – Groups Converge on Capitol Seeking ‘Fairness’ in Budget Cuts, School-Choice Vouchers HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

5/4/11 – School Choice, Tax Issues Draw Crowds to Harrisburg PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE

5/4/11 – Voucher-leery Legislators Could Opt for Expanding Tax Credits PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW

5/3/11 –  The  Evidence Is In: School Vouchers Work WALL STREET JOURNAL

5/3/11 – School Vouchers Debate Planned in Mount Gretna HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS


5/3/11 – Hundreds of School Children Celebrate Tax Credit Program at State Capitol HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

4/29/11 – New Voucher Bill Would Expand Eligibility PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE

4/29/11 – OPINION: Don’t End Successful EIO Program for PA Students HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

4/28/11 – School Voucher Bill Stalls SUNBURY DAILY ITEM

4/27/11 – Teachers, Students Bring Their Fears Against Budget Cuts to NAACP-Sponsored Rally in Harrisburg PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

4/27/11 – School Choice Tax Credit Bill Advances SCRANTON TIMES-TRIBUNE

4/26/11 – School Voucher Bill is Discussed at Town Hall Meeting in Darby DELAWARE COUNTY TIMES

4/25/11 – OPINION: The Resurrection of School Choice WASHINGTON POST

4/20/11 – Board Condemns Funding Cuts, Voucher Program READING EAGLE



4/20/11 – OPINION: The Case Against School Vouchers in Pennsylvania PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

4/19/11 – State Sen. Richard Alloway Leads Meeting on School Vouchers Bill CHAMBERSBURG PUBLIC OPINION

4/19/11 – School Voucher Advocates Borrow Corbett’s Media Consultant for Battle PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE

4/19/11 – Residents Are Encouraged to Join the Rally in Harrisburg Opposing Senate Bill #1 NORRISTOWN TIMES HERALD

4/18/11 – OPINON: School Voucher Bill Would Expand Choices ALLENTOWN MORNING CALL

4/18/11 – OPINION: Vouchers Aren’t Aimed at Parochial Schools DELAWARE COUNTY TIMES

4/17/11 – Here’s the Skinny on Vouchers PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW

4/17/11 – OPINION: Empty Promises: Tuition Vouchers Will Cost A Lot and Accomplish Little PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE

4/17/11 – OPINION: Corbett Misses Opportunity to Chip Away Education’s Fortress HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

4/15/11 – Low-Income Students Get Funds for Private Schools PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW

4/14/11 – OPINION: Private School Families Shouldn’t Have to Pay Twice HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

4/13/11 – School Vouchers Bill Hits Snag in Senate ALLENTOWN MORNING CALL

4/13/11 – School Vouchers Bill Spells Trouble for Centennial School District BUCKS COUNTY COURIER TIMES

4/13/11 – Senate GOP Needs More Time on School Voucher Bill DELAWARE COUNTY DAILY TIMES

4/13/11 – Vote on School Vouchers Delayed Pending Changes PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE

4/13/11 – Corbett Pushes School Vouchers PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW

4/13/11 – OPINION: Target Choice to Students Most in Need SCRANTON TIMES-TRIBUNE

4/13/11 – Corbett Rallies Senate GOP on Vouchers PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

4/12/11 – Deep Pockets Behind School Choice ALLENTOWN MORNING CALL

4/12/11 – Hundreds of Schoolchildren Descend on Capitol to Push For Passage of School Choice Bill HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

4/12/11 –  Sponsor: School Choice Bill Has Good Chance of Senate Passage PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW

4/12/11 – Poll: Most Pennsylvanians Oppose School Vouchers PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW

4/12/11 – Senate Passage Expected on School Voucher Bill PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE

4/12/11 – Senate Panel Expands School Choice Program SCRANTON TIMES-TRIBUNE

4/11/11 – Poll Shows Pennsylvanians Favor Accountability Standards for School Vouchers HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

4/10/11 – OPINION: Wondering About Things From School Vouchers to Snooki HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

4/10/11 – Middletown Area School Board Passes Resolution Opposing School Vouchers HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

4/8/11 – School Choice Bill Could Pass Senate Next Week PA INDEPENDENT

4/8/11 – School Tax-Credit Program Challenged SCRANTON TIMES-TRIBUNE

4/6/11 – Board: Voucher System Will Hurt Public Education LOCK HAVEN EXPRESS

4/6/11 – School Choice Topic of Forum MILTON STANDARD JOURNAL

4/6/11 – Parents Question School Vouchers’ Relation to Failing Public Schools SUNBURY NEWS ITEM

4/3/11 – OPINION: This Private School Doing Its Job LEBANON DAILY NEWS

3/31/11 – OPINION: School Voucher Proposal Doesn’t Add Up HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

3/31/11 – Supporters Gather to Talk Vouchers ALTOONA MIRROR

3/30/11 – OPINION: School Choices Already Abound for Parents in Pennsylvania READING EAGLE

3/29/11 – Haverford School Board Decries Voucher Bill DELAWARE COUNTY DAILY TIMES

3/28/11 – School Choice Hearing Thursday at Marywood SCRANTON TIMES-TRIBUNE

3/27/11 – OPINION: Significant Decline in Public Education Ahead If Corbett’s Budget Passes HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

3/27/11 – Corbett’s Vision for Pa. Schools PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

3/27/11 – OPINION: Failing Students Need More Than Better Schools PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE

3/26/11 – OPINION: Parents Should Have Right To Make Decision About Education CONNELLSVILLE DAILY COURIER

3/26/11 – Education Nominee Plans to Reshape System PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW

3/25/11 – OPINION: Vouchers Work, But So What? THE WASHINGTON POST

3/24/11 –  Voucher Committee Hears From Locals PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE

3/23/11 – OPINION: Top Five Myths About Senate Bill 1 PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS

3/23/11 – OPINION: Pennsylvania School Vouchers: Your Child, Your Choice! PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS

3/22/11 – Pottstown School Board Votes to Oppose State Voucher Plan POTTSTOWN MERCURY

3/22/11 – OPINION: Education Answer Isn’t Found in Vouchers HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

3/21/11 – OPINION: Vouchers Could Harm, Not Help Some Schools ALLENTOWN MORNING CALL

3/21/11 – OPINION: End the  Monopoly – Support School Choice BUCKS COUNTY COURIER TIMES

3/18/11 – OPINION: School-Voucher Plan Doesn’t Make the Grade PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS

3/17/11 – School Voucher Bill Dividing State’s Black Caucus PHILADELPHIA TRIBUNE

3/16/11 – School Districts on Border Patrol PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS

3/16/11 – 2 State Bills Would Help Parents With Choosing Schools PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS

3/15/11 – Legislators Challenged on Corbett’s Education Cuts REPUBLICAN HERALD

3/15/11 – OPINION: Educational Choices Should Be Up to Residents HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

3/14/11 – OPINION: School Choice Proposal Takes the Wrong Approach HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

3/14/11 – OPINION: Voucher Advocates Don’t See Entire Picture HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

3/13/11 – Senate Bill1 Has Friends, Foes WILKES-BARRE TIMES LEADER

3/12/11 – Political Battle Over Vouchers ALLENTOWN MORNING CALL

3/11/11 – School Vouchers CHESTER COUNTY PRESS

3/11/11 – Canton Opposes Senate Bill TOWANDA DAILY NEWS

3/11/11 – OPINION: School Vouchers Are a False Promise HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

3/11/11 – OPINION: State Constitution Opposes School Vouchers HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

3/10/11 – Do Vouchers Make the Grade? JEWISH EXPONENT

3/10/11 – OPINION: Voucher Bill is Problematic CENTRE DAILY TIMES

3/9/11 – Education Research Group Answers School Choice Concerns THE KITANNING PAPER

3/8/11 – Voucher Bill Gets Chilly Reception in Havertown DELAWARE COUNTY NEWS NETWORK

3/8/11 – Mt. Pleasant Board Voices Displeasure with Senate Bill 1 CONNELLSVILLE DAILY COURIER

3/8/11 – OPINION: Too Many Questions Surround School Vouchers HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

3/7/11 – OPINION: The Trouble with Pa’s School Voucher Bill LANCASTER INTELLIGENCER JOURNAL/NEW ERA

3/7/11 – Senate Committee Recommends New State Education Secretary PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE

3/7/11 – OPINION: Vouchers Debate Puts Spotlight on Education Funding POTTSTOWN MERCURY

3/7/11 – Dinniman’s Deal Advances School Voucher Bill WEST CHESTER DAILY NEWS

3/6/11 – School Choice Opposed at Scranton Teachers Forum SCRANTON TIMES

3/6/11 – Analysis: Big Questions Accompany Corbett’s Budget Address ALLENTOWN MORNING CALL

3/6/11 – Districts Brace for Voucher Vote CENTRE DAILY TIMES

3/6/11 – OPINION: Vouchers: They Are a Distraction, Not a Solution HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

3/6/11 – OPINION: School Choice Offers Innovation and Opportunity HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

3/5/11 – OPINION: Weigh the Merits of School Vouchers CENTRE DAILY TIMES

3/5/11 – OPINION: Proposal Would Lead to Bigger Government ALLENTOWN MORNING CALL

3/5/11 – Lots of School Options in State READING EAGLE

3/4/11 – OPINION: Why We Need School Vouchers YORK DAILY RECORD

3/5/11 – OPINION: Voucher Plan Worth of Legislative Support ALLENTOWN MORNING CALL

3/4/11 – OPINION: Family Structure is Crucial to Educational Success HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

3/3/11 – OPINION: Voucher Not the Answer to Better Schools in Pa PHILADELPHIA TRIBUNE

3/3/11 – Voucher Bill is a Sham to Skirt Law ALLENTOWN MORNING CALL

3/3/11 – Dinniman Calls for Changes to Senate Bill 1 BERKS-MONT NEWS

3/3/11 – EDITORIAL: Voucher Put Spotlight on Education DELWARE COUNTY TIMES

3/3/11 – OPINION: Voucher are Constitutional Under U.S. and Pa. Law HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

3/3/11 – OPINION: Independent Schools Do Make the Grade HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

3/2/11 –  OPINION: Vouchers: Give Breonna Chance PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

3/2/11 – Possible Voucher System Could Impact Smaller School Districts Like Morrisville . . . BUCKS LOCAL NEWS

3/2/11 – OPINION: What is So Unjust About School Vouchers? HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

3/2/11 – Williams Calls School Choice ‘Moral Imperative’ PHILADELPHIA CATHOLIC STANDARD & TIMES

3/2/11 – Senate Panel Oks Pa School Voucher Bill PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

3/2/11 – State Plan for School Vouchers Advances PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW

3/2/11 – School Choice Bill Wins Panel Approval SCRANTON TIMES-TRIBUNE

3/1/11 – JT Board Opposed to Tuition Voucher Senate Bill LEHIGHTON TIMES NEWS

3/1/11 – Pa School Voucher Bill Passes Senate Committee POCONO RECORD

3/1/11 – School Vouchers Clear First Hurdle ALLENTOWN MORNING CALL

3/1/11 – Many Amendments Expected to Voucher Bill PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE


2/28/11 – OPINION: Senate Bill 1: A Classic  Illustration of the Definition of Insanity SOMERSET DAILY AMERICAN

2/28/11 – Multiple Choice Question: School Voucher Plan Garnering Praise and Criticism in Pa Senate DELAWARE COUNTY TIMES

2/27/11 – School Vouchers: What Your Lawmakers are Saying HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

2/27/11 – Pennsylvania Lawmakers Suggest Amendemnts to School Voucher Bill HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

2/27/11 – EDITORIAL: Voucher Bill Doesn’t Pass PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

2/27/11 – OPINION: Back Channels: Keep Focus on the Kids PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

2/26/11 – OPINION: Let’s Keep School Voucher Debate Civil HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

2/26/11 – Getting in Throught the Back Door ALLENTOWN MORNING CALL

2/26/11 – OPINION: Oppose School Vouchers CENTRE DAILY TIMES

2/24/11 – OPINION: Defending Indefensible PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW

2/24/11 – OPINION: Why the League Opposes Vouchers WEST CHESTER DAILY NEWS

2/23/11 – OPINION: Folmer’s Education Remarks Are Full of Misconceptions HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

2/22/11 – Philadelphia’s Schools Say Voucher Bill Could Cost Them Millions PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

2/22/11 – State’s Voucher Proposal Stirs Local Debate NORRISTOWN TIMES HERALD

2/21/11 – OPINION: School Vouchers Will Hurt Philadelphia Kids Who Have No Help PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS

2/22/11 – OPINION: Education Vouchers Would Violate State Constitution HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

2/21/11 – OPINION: Pa.’s Unaccountable Voucher Bill PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

2/21/11 – OPINION: Street Talk: School Vouchers Get Mixed Reviews SUNBURY DAILY ITEM

2/20/11 – OPINION: Promoting Religion Through School Vouchers HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

2/20/11 – OPINION: School Voucher Program Raises Several Questions HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

2/20/11 – OPINION: It’s Wrong to Dismiss Path to Equal Education PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

2/19/11 – OPINION: School Vouchers Aren’t the Answer DELAWARE COUNTY TIMES

2/18/11 – OPINION: Vouchers Can Have a Positive Impact HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

2/18/11 – EDITORIAL: Kids Need Help Offered By Vouchers SCRANTON TIMES-TRIBUNE

2/17/11 – OPINION: EITC Gives Lie to Anti-Choice Claims CHAMBERSBURG PUBLIC OPINION

2/17/11 – OPINION: On School Vouchers, the Data Isn’t Encouraging PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

2/17/11 – Corbett Nominee Advocates Broad School Choice SCRANTON TIMES-TRIBUNE

2/17/11 – Heated Debate in Pa Senate Hearing on School Vouchers PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

2/17/11 – Local Senators Back School Voucher Bill DELAWARE COUNTY TIMES

2/16/11 – OPINION: The Heron’s Nest: Let the Voucher Debate Begin DELAWARE COUNTY TIMES

2/16/11 – Corbett Administration Backs School Vouchers ASSOCIATED PRESS

2/16/11 – Possible School Choice Amendment Would Eliminate Statewide Vouchers PENNSYLVANIA INDEPENDENT

2/16/11 – OPINION: Give Pittsburgh Students More Options PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE

2/15/11 – OPINION: School Choice Needed ALTOONA MIRROR

2/15/11 – Sides in Pennsylvania’s School Voucher Debate Are Forming in Advance of Senate Hearing HARRISBURG PATRIOT-NEWS

2/15/11 – EDITORIAL: Another Reason for Archdiocese to Confront Grand Jury Report PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS

2/15/11 – OPINION: Why Fatimah Ali Changed Her Mind on Philadelphia School Vouchers PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS

2/15/11 – Public School Districts Brace for Possibility of Vouchers PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE REVIEW

2/15/11 – OPINION: School Choice Equals Better Academic Performance JOHNSTOWN TRIBUNE-DEMOCRAT

2/14/11 – Fayette Christian School Rallies for Voucher Bill PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE REVIEW

2/14/11 – School Voucher Research Less Emphatic Than Debate PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

2/13/11 – OPINION: The Illusory ‘Choice’ Held Out by Tuition Vouchers CHAMBERSBURG PUBLIC OPINION

2/13/11 – OPINION: Philly Deals: Bill Would Grow Tuition Tax Breaks for the Middle Class, Too PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

2/13/11 – OPINION: School Voucher an Idea That Won’t Work READING EAGLE

2/12/11 – When Families Make Their Own ‘School Choice’ LANCASTER SUNDAY NEWS

2/12/11 – OPINION: Vouchers Give Parents, Taxpayers More Choice CENTRE DAILY TIMES

2/11/11 – OPINION: School Choice is Not Needed in Pennsylvania POTTSTOWN MERCURY

2/10/11 – School Board Opposes Vouchers SUNBURY DAILY ITEM

2/9/11 – OPINION: Education Choice Means a New Chance LEBANON DAILY NEWS

2/9/11 – EDITORIAL: Tuition Vouchers – bad idea pushed to top of list CHAMBERSBURG PUBLIC OPINION

2/8/11 – OPINION: Benefits of school vouchers outweigh the negative aspects HARRISBURG PATRIOT NEWS

2/8/11 – EDITORIAL: Lawmakers must weigh pros, cons of voucher system CHESTER CO. DAILY LOCAL NEWS

2/8/11 – EDITORIAL: The education monopoly – Rescuing students BUCKS COUNTY COURIER TIMES

2/8/11 – EDITORIAL: Voucher plan may help poor students but can hurt good schools POTTSTOWN MERCURY

2/7/11 – New Bill Supports Voucher System MAINLINE TIMES

2/7/11 – Is there a hidden motive behind school vouchers? HARRISBURG PATRIOT NEWS

2/7/11 – Pottstownschool board members oppose voucher plan POTTSTOWN MERCURY

2/7/11 – School voucher plan sparks debate POTTSTOWN MERCURY

2/6/11 – In Pennsylvania, time is right for school choice JOHNSTOWN TRIBUNE DEMOCRAT

2/6/11 – School choice a civil right? PHILADELPHIA TRIBUNE

2/6/11 – Advocates line up money, ads, support for school-choice bill PITTSBURGH POST GAZETTE

2/6/11 – Q & A with State Senator Anthony Hardy Williams PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

2/6/11 – PA school voucher discussion heating up ASSOCIATED PRESS

2/3/11 – School vouchers can add competitive dynamic HARRISBURG PATRIOT NEWS

2/3/11 – School choice debate heats up in PA & NJ EXAMINER.COM PHILADELPHIA

2/3/11 – Round Table: School choice – the fight for equality JEWISH EXPONENT

2/2/11 – Some school choice-ers have defeatist attitude PHILADELPHIA MAGAZINE

2/2/11 – School choice will win out in the end YORK DAILY RECORD

2/1/11 – Reasserting the right to high-quality schools: vouchers would address an emerging caste system PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

2/1/11 – Elmer Smith: School-voucher plans can’t be vouched for PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS

1/31/11 – School choice gains widespread momentum PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

1/30/11 – School choice is a remedy for state budget woes BURLINGTON COUNTY TIMES – PHILLY BURBS

1/26/11 – Supporters rally in Capitol for school-choice Senate bill PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

1/26/11 – 4 Senators push state bill on school choice PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE

1/26/11 – Hundreds voice support of ‘school choice’ in capital PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE

1/24/11 – State tuition voucher proposal on path fraught with questions PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE

1/24/11 – State Senators’ school voucher proposal draws critics, supporters YORK DAILY NEWS

1/24/11 – Group plans trip to support school choice bill UNIONTOWN HERALD STANDARD

1/23/11 – Is Pennsylvania ready for vouchers? ALLENTOWN MORNING CALL

1/23/11 – Bill: Send some poor children to private school WILLIAMSPORT SUN GAZETTE

1/22/11 – It’s time to get Pennsylvania parents more school options HARRISBURG PATRIOT NEWS

1/20/11 –Opponents speak out against tuition vouchers PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE

1/20/11 –Corbett appears set to push school vouchers PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

1/20/11 –Plan would give some students vouchers for tuition LANCASTER INTELLIGENCER JOURNAL


5/11/11 – My View: Pass Senate Bill One Now  MYFOXPHILLY.COM

4/12/11 – Education’s Future: School Vouchers? WFMZ Lehigh Valley

4/12/11 –  Students Rally in Harrisburg for School Vouchers FOX 43 YORK

4/12/11 – Hundreds Rally as Pa. Senate Readies Voucher Bill WHP-TV CBS 21

4/12/11 – School Choice Supporters Rally at State Capital WGAL-TV

4/12/11 – School Voucher Bill Up For Vote in Pa Senate CBS Philadelphia

2/23/11 – Hearing on Controversial School Voucher Proposal Held CBS Philadelphia

2/22/11 – Fox 29 on Senate Bill 1 Hearing REACH AHEAD

2/22/11 – School Voucher Debate Heats Up Today MYFOXPHILLY.COM

2/21/11 – Education Reform Comes to a Head MYFOXPHILLY.COM

2/16/11 – Debate: School Vouchers in PA MYFOXPHILLY.COM

2/16/11 – Debate on School Vouchers Rages in Capitol WHTM-TV ABC 27

2/16/11 – State Panel Discusses School Choice Issue WGAL-TV

2/16/11 – The Battle Over School Vouchers WHP-TV CBS-21

2/8/11 – Educating Our Children: Catholic Schools Doing More With Less FOX NEWS

2/1/11 – Our Faith Our Diocese DIOCESE OF SCRANTON

1/26/11 – Proposed School Voucher Law has Critics and Supporters WBRE

1/25/11 –Group Rallies For School Choice At Capitol WGAL-TV Channel 8

1/25/11 –School choice debate heating up CBS/WHP-TV Channel 2

1/24/11 – “Meet the State” – Sen. Jeffrey Piccola & Education CBS/WHP TV Channel 21 Harrisburg

1/24/11 –Harrisburg WITF’s Smart Talk – The School Choice Debate Full video

1/23/11 – Face the State: Sen. Jeffrey Piccola CBS/WHP-TV Channel 2


4/14/11 – Voucher Express in Harrisburg WHYY Philadelphia

4/11/11 – Pa Senate Approves Voucher Program WHYY Philadelphia

2/18/11 – The Debate Over Tuition Vouchers for Pennsylvania’s Low-Income School Children WHYY Philadelphia

2/17/11 – Voucher Debate Continues with PSEA Input WDUQ Radio

2/16/11 – School Vouchers Hearing Part 2 WITF Radio

2/16/11 – Marathon Vouchers Hearing Underway WITF Radio

1/23/11 – Pursuing an elusive prize: valid school choice NEWSWORKS – WHYY


6/15/11 – ‘A Small Leak Can Sink a Great Ship’  SCHOOL CHOICE NOW!

6/15/11 – A House Vouchers Bill  WITF

6/15/11 – Christiana Unveils Vouchers Bill  EARLY RETURNS

6/4/11 – Tea Party Gears Up for 2012 in Contentious School Voucher Fight  HUFFINGTON POST

5/21/11 – Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett Calls for Increased School Choice for Families  BIG GOVERNMENT

5/18/11 – Pennsylvania’s Battle for School Choice  REDSTATE.COM

5/10/11 – Orthodox Union Commends Pennsylvania House for Expanding Tax Credits INSTITUTE FOR PUBLIC AFFAIRS

5/10/11 – Piccola: House EITC Bill is “DOA” in the Senate CAPITOL IDEAS

5/9/11 – Corbett’s Case for School Choice COMMONWEALTH FOUNDATION

5/8/11 – Senate Bill 1 and the Fight for Pennsylvania’s Children WRTA


5/3/11 – Students, Teachers Pushing for Newest School Choice Proposals PENNSYLVANIA INDEPENDENT

5/3/11 – The Maverick: Rep. Tony Payton on School Choice THE BOX PROGRAM

5/3/11 – Corbett Official: We “Strongly Support” Vouchers Bill CAPITOL IDEAS

5/2/11 – Adjustments to Vouchers Measure WDUQ NEWS

4/29/11 – Students First, Honesty Last DAYLINSIGHTS

4/29/11 – Official Data on Senate Bill 1 Anticipates Most Vouchers Going to Students Already Enrolled in Private or Religious Schools KEYSTONE STATE EDUCATION COALITION

4/29/11 – We’ve Been Sold an Expensive Bill of Goods on Vouchers KEYSTONE STATE EDUCATION COALITION

4/28/11 – Why Voucher Advocates are Allergic to Standardized Tests ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION

4/28/11 – Senate Repubs, Corbett Reach Agreement on Voucher Bill CAPITOL IDEAS

4/27/11 – Pennsylvania School Choice Bills CATO@LIBERTY

4/27/11 – State GOP Lawmakers Push to Expand Vouchers EDUCATION WEEK

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