About The Pennsylvania Catholic Conference

The Pennsylvania Catholic Conference is the public affairs arm of Pennsylvania’s Catholic bishops and the Catholic dioceses of Pennsylvania. There are 10 Catholic dioceses in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Eight are Latin Rite dioceses, fully contained within the Commonwealth. Two are Byzantine Rite dioceses with Apostolic Sees in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.The Pennsylvania Catholic Conference has set broad objectives and highlighted some particular issues of concern.


Board of Governors

The Board of Governors of the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference, which meets annually, comprises the local diocesan bishops of Pennsylvania, that is, the ecclesiastical superiors of each Pennsylvania diocese. The function of the board, which is governed by its chairman, the Archbishop of Philadelphia, is to establish the principles of the conference and determine its policies. The president of the PCC is the Bishop of Harrisburg. Each diocesan bishop appoints a representative to the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference Administrative Board.


Administrative Board

The Administrative Board meets three times a year to conduct the affairs of the Conference by ratifying public policy positions within the guidelines set by the Board of Governors and offering guidance to the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference staff.



The Pennsylvania Catholic Conference is served by three departments, which also meet three times a year. The departments of Elementary and Secondary Education and Social Concerns provide research and consultation to the Administrative Board and staff. The Communications Department helps to inform and educate the Catholic faithful and the general public about PCC and its issues. Each ordinary bishop appoints two persons from his diocese to serve on each department.

The Pennsylvania Catholic Health Association (PCHA) is an associate of the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference.