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PA Catholic Conference, Gov Corbett

Execution Scheduled: Ask Leaders to Choose Life

Governor Corbett has signed an execution warrant for Hubert L. Michael, Jr., who is now scheduled to be executed on September 22, 2014. The Board of Pardons is able to reduce the sentence to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole and Governor Tom Corbett  is able to grant
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Prayers, Action for Peace in Middle East, Ukraine, Africa, Central America

  From Archbishop Kurtz: On Sunday, July 20, our Holy Father, Pope Francis, prayed for peace in all situations of tension and conflict in the world. He mentioned in particular the Middle East and Ukraine, singling out the terrible crisis of Christians in Iraq with these words: “T
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Down Syndrome Pennsylvania

Governor Corbett Signs Down Syndrome Education Act

Facing the prospect of raising a child with Down syndrome may seem overwhelming for many parents. The unanswered questions and worries may overshadow the realization of the child’s dignity and humanity. The Down Syndrome Prenatal and Postnatal Education Act, also called “Chloe&#
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immigration, Catholic, unaccompanied minors

Protect Vulnerable Unaccompanied Children

Please urge your Senators and Representative to oppose legislative efforts to strip protections away from unaccompanied children who are fleeing from violence in Central America and seeking refuge in the United States. This includes, among others, efforts to reduce protections by chan
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Bill to Combat Human Trafficking Becomes Law

On July 2, 2014, Governor Corbett signed Senate Bill 75 (now Act 105 of 2014), which will help combat human trafficking in Pennsylvania. Human trafficking is modern day slavery – one person profiting from the exploitation of another. It can take the form of prostitution, slave labor,
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Gainer, Catholic, Harrisburg

Bishop Gainer: Government policies are endangering religious liberty

  Bishop Gainger’s Op-Ed Originally appeared in the Lancaster Sunday News The Lancaster County countryside tells a remarkable story of religious liberty. The landscape is still dotted with evidence of the brave men and women who risked everything to escape religious persecu
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Support Improvements to CHIP

PCHA and the PCC are advocating for passage of House Bill 2299, which amends the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to maximize opportunities for health care insurance coverage of children and simplify and streamline eligibility enrollment and the renewal processes for familie
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Seeking the Gateways Out of Poverty

There is an oft-repeated parable that goes something like this: One day a group of villagers was working in the fields by a river.  Suddenly someone noticed a baby floating downstream. A woman rushed out and rescued the baby, brought it to shore and cared for it. During the next sever
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