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Past Statements

The following is a list of out-of-print, archived statements of the Pennsylvania Bishops.

Moral Considerations in Reviewing Public School Curricula, 1995

In Truth and In Love: A letter from the Catholic Bishops of Pennsylvania to Their Priests on the Pastoral Care of Divorced & Remarried Catholics, 1994

Living Will and Proxy for Healthcare Decisions, 1993

Tax Exemption, 1993

Guidelines for Education on Human Sexuality in Schools, 1990

The Church, Public Policy and Abortion, 1990

To Love and Be Loved: Bishops Speak to Youth About Sexuality, 1989

Freedom of Religion Clauses of the First Amendment, 1989

Health Care of the Poor, 1989

Pennsylvania’s Catholic Schools, 1988

Does Taking One Life Justify Another?, 1987

Personal Participation, 1984

Public Education and Student Conscience, 1976


For more information, contact the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference at 717-238-9613.